Monday, February 20, 2006

You are Needy

(*If you come to Grace and like being surprised on Sundays, I wouldn't read the following posts until next week!)

I don't want to go all Abraham Maslow on you, but I think common sense and biblical thinking make it obvious we as human beings have needs.

Like, say food. We have a need to eat.

Or air. We kind of have a need to breathe.

But we also have other needs. For example, one need that is as real as the need for food or the need for air is the need for friendship. It's not a weak person that needs food to survive, it's not an especially needy person that has to have air to live, we all do - it is part of being human. And likewise, it's not because of some deficiency in us that we need friends, it's part of the way God designed us.


Pre-fall Adam. Adam in the Garden of Eden, the perfect human being in the perfect place.


"Then the Lord God said, 'It is not good that the man should be alone...'"

If a person doesn't eat, he's going to get weak.

If a person doesn't have air, he is going to die.

And if a person doesn't have companionship, friendship, he is in just as dangerous a position, spiritually.

You see a guy walking around saying he doesn't need air to live, you don't say wow, isn't he really something. You say, man you are strange.

You are not strong if you don't think need friends, you are deluded.

That's the way God made us.

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