Tuesday, February 28, 2006

So You Want A Ministry?

1. What can I say or do today that will bring glory to God?
2. What can I do to develop a deeper and fuller understanding of Christ and His love for me?
3. What are three physical needs that I can meet in my church?
4. What are four spiritual needs that I can meet in my church?
5. If I can't think of any, what can I do to change that?
6. Have I studied Scripture today? Do I have a regular Bible study plan?
7. Who can I pray for? What spiritual need can I pray for them about?
8. What needs are there in my church that I can pray for?
9. Do I love God? What great truth can I meditate on?
10. What lusts am I waging war with today? What areas of my life am I compromising in?
11. What can I do to help my children understand the gospel? What do my children need to learn about God?
12. Who is there in my life that I can share the gospel with this week?
13. Who can I call this week? What questions can I ask to get to know them better?
14. What specific ways can I encourage someone else in the church this week? When am I going to do it?
15. What does a good friend look like? Do I match my description?
16. What am I doing to seek the unity of the church?
17. Is there a card I can write to someone else to encourage them?
18. Is there any sacrifice in the way I love others? If not, why not? How can I sacrificially love others this week?
19. How can I prepare myself for worship on Sunday?
20. How can I humbly honor someone else above myself?
21. Who do I have a difficult time getting along with in the church? What can I do to encourage that person?
22. What are five ways that I can show my wife or husband that I love them? How about my children?
23. What have I learned this week? Who can I share it with?
24. How can I show mercy to someone who is not part of the church? What can I give up for someone else's good?

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