Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Stupid, Delicious Lies

I sometimes wonder if part of Satan's goal isn't to see how stupid of an idea he can get people to fall for. One of my personal favorites: He gets people to spend their entire lives trying to prove that we really are related to monkeys. You've got men and women with their PH.d's who will get infuriated with you for telling them they are not an animal.

I think Doug Bookman makes an important point when he writes:

"...the power of a lie is not intrinsic in its inherent credibility but in its attractiveness...the father of lies learned in the Garden that a lie of almost infinite implausibility will seduce if it is sufficiently tantalizing. In short, a lie is powerful not because it is deceptive but because it is delicious."

That seems important to remember in all the talk about Intelligent Design. I would guess there's something to be said for showing the reasonableness of believing in a Creator, but in the end, we need to remember when we are talking with people that the real problem is not reasonableness,or anything like that. It goes deeper (it's about authority) and if we're going to help people we've got to get to that.

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Mike Perrigoue said...

Right. And what sounds more delicious than living a life without the fear of being held responsible when it comes to an end?