Monday, November 07, 2005


I was thinking the other day a little bit about genius.

I was thinking if I met someone who say, could remember every word he spoke the day before and by every word, I mean every last word, down to a, an, and the; if he could remember every word he spoke in the exact order that he spoke it, I would call him a genius.

But if I met a person who, and I don't know how he would do this but it's an illustration so you'll have to give me a break, if I met a person who could remember every word say twenty or thirty other people spoke the day before, I'd be in absolute awe. If you can remember people's names real well, you might be able to get on a talk show and show off your genius but imagine being able to remember a day's worth of complete conversations for thirty people. You definitely wouldn't want to play chess with a guy like that.

But God, you want to talk about genius, we're talking six billion people. He knows every single word and what's more every single thought of six billion people. And not just like for one day, but we're talking their entire lives. It's just impossible to fathom the genius of God - the mind of the God we serve.

There are lots of issues that come up in the Christian life, we look at the world and we wonder what's going on, or we struggle say with election, how can God be good and sovereign and we all have our little questions but I just think it's important for us to remember when we are struggling with understanding what God's doing - the "mind" of the God we serve. Any person that can remember six billion people's words, and beyond that can comprehend six billion people's thoughts, any person that has that kind of capability, I'm not going to be real surprised that some of the things He does are hard for me to fully understand - His wisdom is just so far out of my league it's not even funny.

I'm definitely not saying I think it's wrong for us to wrestle with what the Scripture says, to ask our questions, to come to God and wonder about what's going on...we just have to be careful to do it humbly and to do it in faith. We just need to be careful to remember who we're talking to and who we're talking about...we're talking about the all-knowing, all-wise GOD!

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Mike Perrigoue said...

Hi Josh,

Great post! About a year ago I read R.C. Sproul's book "The Holiness of God." Wow. That book really helped me to see God in a whole new light. He is sovereign. I am not. And once I let go of my own understanding of God my relationship with Him took off...and I mean TOOK OFF! He has so blessed my weakness in Him.

My wife has benefited, my children have benefited, and I like to think my church has benefited from what God has done to me.

In comparison to God, I am but an ant trying to comprehend the chemical makeup of the sugar molecule that sustains me.