Monday, November 21, 2005

Faith not fear...

Faith not fear because...

1.) God is bigger than my circumstances.

2.) God is for me even in the middle of difficult circumstances.

3.) God is so for me He crucified His Son that I might belong to Him.

4.) If I die, it gets better.

5.) God uses what looks like failure all the time to accomplish His goals, just think about the cross.

6.) It's not about what people think of me.

7.) God proved He was sovereign over every threat to my life when he walked the earth.

8.) It's not about my abilities. God has demonstrated a million times over that it's about Him working through us, not us working for Him.

9.) When I stand before God it's not going to be about how good I was, it's going to be about me trusting Jesus and how good He was.

10.) I'm never alone. God promises to hear and answer my prayers.

Can you think of any others?

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