Friday, November 04, 2005

'Pleading with a Father for a Brother'

"My soul was in raptures when I mused yesterday upon two sweet thoughts...I thought if I had to intercede for anybody...I would want to intercede for my brother with my father...This is just what Jesus has to do. He has to intercede with his Father, and mark, with our Father too. There is a double comfort here. When Christ pleads he does not plead with one who is stronger than Him, but with His own father. 'My Father' says he, 'it is my delight to do your will and it is your delight to do your will, I will then that they, whom you have given me, will be with me where I am.' And then he adds this blessed argument, 'Father, those for whom I plead are thine own children, and you love them as muchg as I do, yea, you have loved them as you have loved me.' Oh it is no hard task to plead, when you are pleading with a Father for a brother..."

Charles Spurgeon

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