Thursday, January 05, 2006

A One way Two Way Conversation

From what I understand, Martyn Lloyd Jones didn't really like having his sermons taped.

I never really understood why.

I'm still not sure that I would put it as strongly as he would, in fact I know I wouldn't because I love listening to sermons on tape. One of my favorite things to do is to listen to sermons on tape. But even though I definitely don't think we should throw out all our tapes, I think I am beginning to get the point he was trying to make.

This is all just talk which means it is worth basically nothing, but it seems to me that there is supposed to be something unique in the preaching event itself. By unique, I mean different than a lecture you could give anywhere - rather a kind of one way two way conversation. One way where the preacher is doing the talking, two way in that he is somehow interacting with his congregation, the congregation that he is preaching to at that moment in a way that can't fully be captured by simply listening to a tape.

Now obviously, I'm just thinking out loud here, this is not something I'm going to die for, but in the past, I've always had these long, detailed notes - actually a written manuscript - and you know, I could have preached that message anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

I'm still going to stick with long, detailed notes - actually a written manuscript, but I do wonder if part of what makes preaching more exciting is when there is an actual interplay between the congregation and the preacher. The preacher brings something to the table and so does the congregation. An interplay to the point, where it would be difficult to preach the same exact message again.

I wonder if sometimes as preachers we create passive audiences by forgetting that, or maybe not desiring that or seeking after that.


Sewer Guy said...

As one who regularly listens to recorded sermons, I am sure glad for that opportunity. It has increased my Biblical understanding and used by the Holy Spirit to convict me of my sin many times over. I have found it invaluable.

That said, I appreciate your point that the preacher should not be speaking to the tape. I have sat in services before where I felt as though the preacher was speaking right past he audience and certainly felt that something was wrong. I do think one can speak directly to the audience - even interact with them - and the recorded message still have value (which I think you agree with).

There's my two cents. By the way, downloading and listening to sermons on an ipod is the way to go. If you have any on the internet I'd love to listen. . .

joshuamack said...
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joshuamack said...

I do agree with you.

I love listening to taped sermons!

Appreciate your two cents.