Thursday, August 11, 2005

What's most important...

I need reminders about what is most important.

I've wanted to share a "reminder" God has used in my life. It's a letter written hundreds of years ago by a woman named by Mary Love the day before her husband Christopher was to be executed for his faith

She writes, "Before I write a word further, I beg you Christopher not to think that your wife is now writing rather a friend, I hope you have freely given up your wife and your children...Your maker will be my husband and a father to your children. Oh that the Lord would keep you from having one troubled thought about your family. I desire to freely give you up to the Father's hands. Look upon this as a crown of glory to die for Christ, and as a honor for me that I might have a husband to leave for Christ. I dare not speak to you nor have a thought within my own heart to my unspeakable loss but entirely keep my eye fixed on your inexpressible and inconceivable gain. You are leaving your children, your brothers and sisters to go to your eldest brother the Lord Jesus Christ. You are leaving friends on earth to go the enjoyment of saints, of just men made perfect in glory. You leave earth for heaven. You are exchanging a prison for a palace. If earthly affections should begin to arise I hope that the Spirit of grace that is within you will quell them, knowing that all things here are but dross in comparison with those things that are above. I know you keep your eye fixed on the hope of glory Christopher which makes your feet trample on the loss of earth. My dear I know God has prepared glory for you and you for it. When you are putting on your clothes tomorrow think I am putting on my wedding garments to go to be everlastingly married. When the messenger of death comes to get you, to take you to the block, let it not seem dreadful to you, but look to him as a messenger that brings you tidings of eternal life. When you go to the scaffold think as you told me you would that you are climbing aboard the fiery chariot to carry you to your Father's house. When you lay your precious head down to receive your Father's stroke, remember what you said to me, "Though my head should be severed from my body in that moment my soul will be united with my head the Lord Jesus Christ. And though it may seem bitter that I am leaving this life sooner than I wanted, let us consider it the will of my heavenly Father and it won't be long till we enjoy company with one another for all eternity together with Him. Let us comfort one another with these words. Be comforted my dear Christopher. It is but a little stroke and you shall be there where the weary shall be at rest. Farewell my dear. I shall never see your face until we behold the face of the Lord Jesus at that great day...Your affectionate wife, Mary.”[1]

[1] Don Kistler, Christopher Love: A Spectacle Unto God, Soli Deo Gloria Books, Morgan Pa., 1994.

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