Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Submit is not a bad word!

You'll read alot of books on leadership before you'll find one that talks about the importance of a submissive attitude.

It's a concept that most people in the world look down upon.

"Weak"; "Doormat"; "Mamby-Pamby" (how do you like that last one?) are all words that people might use to describe what they think of someone who is submissive.

We've even got anti-submissive slogans: "Question Authority..." "Sometimes you've got to break the rules..." "Just Do It..."

Submission definitely gets lots of bad press.

Not just from our culture, also from our own hearts.

Yet it's an idea the Bible sees as very important. We've been talking alot at church about the kinds of qualities we're working towards in people we're discipling, in ourselves, and being submissive is definitely got to be towards the top of the list.

For one thing their all kinds of commands to be submissive. (And not just regarding women!)

For another thing, God tells us to deal with people within the church who are not submissively, very quickly and decisively. "Reject the factious man..."

On top of that, Peter (check out 1 Peter 2) describes it as one of the primary ways we live the kind of life that attracts unbelievers to the gospel.

But what is it?

It's definitely not not having an opinion or idea. After all we're called to be discerning. It's possible to be discerning and submissive.

It's not not struggling. Moses struggled quite a bit, and he was the world's meekest man.

It's not not using your gifts. We're all called to do that.

It's recognizing the authority God has given in your life.

It's choosing to follow that authority as much as is biblically possible.

More than that, (see 1 Thessalonians 5:12,13) it seems to include the ideas of respect and esteem. In Hebrews 13:17, it's connected with the word obey - and we're told to work hard at it so we can bring the leaders in the church joy.

I think this is a concept that is definitely lost in the church today, and I'm not just talking about wives to their husbands - I'm talking about the idea of submitting to the leadership of the local church.

What does it look like to be a submissive person at church?

If you have ideas about that, please share!

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