Friday, December 02, 2005

Up for discussion...

Who was the best teacher you ever had?

I don't mean, who was the teacher you liked the most. I mean who was the most effective teacher you ever sat under?

I think for the sake of this discussion we should rule out parents or friends, I'm talking about in-class teachers.

What teacher effected you the most?

I'd love to hear some responses and I'd love to hear a reason or two why you think they were so effective. What was it about the way they taught that made their teaching so helpful?


Joe Fleener said...


Dr. Al Huss or Dr. Charles McLain

Both men can teach the most technical of subjects and the whole while bring God's Word to bear on your heart and life.

Practical application was never sacrificed for technical knowledge and skill, nor was technical knowledge and skill sacrificed for the sake of being practical.

DvW said...

Since I can't use my parents, I'll use yours. 2 years of classes with Dr. Wayne Mack brought the Word to practicality for me. Rather than "being" in a denomination or segmentizing (is that a word?) Scripture into issues, I realized the broader scope of the mission. Knowledge of the Truth was great, and is to be the starting point, but practising that knowledge once you have it, that is what I failed to recognize before taking those classes.
Of course, the fact that found my wife while taking those counseling classes doesn't hurt either.
Also, switch your dad's link to this:
I don't think he is attached to the link you have it on....

joshuamack said...

Thanks Dave!

Nice to hear from you. I hope you guys are doing well. I'll pass the good word on to Dad.