Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lord We Cast Down Our Idols

I keep thinking how strange it would be to go to church and see some little old man sitting there with an idol. I can just picture him singing Amazing Grace while holding his wooden god... maybe even closing his eyes trying to worship, singing, while trying to stuff a banana in his god's face.

It doesn't take a Master's degree in biblical counseling to know that guy is going to have a hard time growing in his relationship with God until he stops bringing his idol to church. It's impossible to sincerely worship God while feeding your idol.

I wonder though if that isn't the reason so many professing Christians aren't enjoying God more, aren't growing more, aren't learning more. They don't bring Buddha to church or anything like that, but still they've got their idols: approval, money, family, self. And though they are at church, singing, they're still clinging to their god, feeding their idols.

As we come to worship, let's remember the admonition of the apostle John, " on guard against idolatry..." 1 John 5:21

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